We specialise in the experiences and events which effectively
connect you with your customers and clients.
Every touchpoint, every interaction has power. 

If you have never run an event to promote your business or support your clients – Do it.
If your event looks great but it’s not connecting or converting – Fix it.
You love the event but it’s not helping your business, it’s a distraction – Change the strategy.

This is what Freestyle does. 

We draw you a road map so your events have the impact you want
– engagement, sales, relationship building or information delivery – without the stress. 

Gemma O'Halloran Freestyle

Let's Embrace Virtual

With practically the whole world now operating online, you may find you need to quickly pivot and change the way you work.

We take the stress out of it for you and guide you through the whole process. We make it easy. 

We are experts in turning live events and meetings, both big and small, into virtual events.

Freestyle can support you with all of your virtual needs by designing a solution to suit you and your business.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

Milton Glaser

The Challenges


Not enough hours in the day? Too many projects on? Not enough staff members on your team for the number of events being planned? Hire us to alleviate your time stress and get more done every day.


Unsure of the next step for virtual events or what tech to use? Love planning but hate account management? We can help you fill any expertise or knowledge gaps for your event, with everything from Zoom to planning to virtual facilitation.


Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Are you trying to make a certain impression on your clients? Are you expanding your business and want to take events to the next level? If yes, then we are the partner for you. 


Time and money are valuable but if you get results, it’s worth it.
Are you getting enough attendees, exposure, conversion, profit or any other KPI from your event? Is it a stressful experience or a positive one? If you are ready to make changes, we can help.

Our Solutions Compliment Your Business Needs

Ready to take action now? Or will you wait?

Are you a perfectionist? Or have you decided to take the ‘self-build’ route to great events as you think it is simpler, cheaper and safer
to spend the time figuring it out yourself? It might take longer but cost less. Ok, fair enough. 

The alternative is to work with a professional event and customer engagement partner who will work side-by-side with you
to review your existing events, set goals and create an event strategy which streamlines your resources and gets results.

And all this before your competitors get ahead of you or you are distracted by the next inevitable challenge or change.
Make money and secure business quicker and feel the satisfaction of ‘Progress not Perfection’. 

If you have said to yourself ‘I must do something about that event’ more than three times before and it’s still not done, it’s time to make a change to get those results.

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