Do you need extra expertise? Or an extra pair of hands on your team?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by a new project? Are you ready to make a new idea happen?
That’s where FreestylePM fits in.
I specialise in designing and executing quality events, programmes and business projects. 
Gemma O'Halloran

Embracing Online or Hybrid events?

We may be out of lockdown but online events have proven that they can be a great solution for certain events.
Hybrid events are more and more popular as we seek to take advantage of both live and online options.

This is what Freestyle does. 

I help to draw a road map so your events have the impact you want. 

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

What can I do for you?

Event or Project Strategy

Thinking about every aspect of your project from A to Z makes a big difference to the overall experience and results.  I have tips and skills which ensure your project works at all levels so that you reach your goals. 

Zoom Tech Facilitation

Unsure about how to make Zoom work best for you for your online event? No problem, I can facilitate the set-up, running of the event and any follow up so that you online event or meeting is as professional as possible. Take the pressure off and have the peace-of-mind of extra support. 

Online Moderator or Facilitator

Would you like a neutral, objective MC to help you manage your online meeting while you are doing the talking? I can step in to help you with Zoom and with managing your group and moderating the discussion. 

Event & Project Management

Do you need more comprehensive support or something more specific? Each of my projects is bespoke and tailored to the clients exact needs. 


Do you, your team or your clients need some 1:1 consulting or training in aspects of project management, such as best practice, facilitating, strategy, chairing or setting great goals? Let’s talk about what you need. 

What do my Clients say about working with me?

My Clients include

Top Reasons to Hire an Event Project Manager


Not enough hours in the day? Too many projects on? Not enough staff members on your team for the number of events being planned? Hire me to alleviate your time stress and get more done every day.


Unsure of the next steps? Love planning but hate account management? Only need a consultant vs. a full time employee? I can help you fill any expertise or knowledge gaps for your event – I especially love innovation and sustainability projects.


Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Are you trying to make a certain impression on your clients? Are you expanding your business and want to take events to the next level? If yes, then I am the partner for you. 


Time and money are valuable but only if you get the results you desire. 
Are you getting enough attendees, exposure, conversion, profit or any other KPI from your event? Is it a stressful experience or a positive one? If you want to make changes, I can help.

Ready to take action now and transform your events?