I have been planning, designing, organising, executing and evaluating events for nearly 15 years. 

Ireland to the US and Europe, royal boxes, small meeting rooms to international congress centres – I’ve been there.

5 people to 500,000. Offline and online. 

Conferences, seminars, sales meetings, hospitality programmes, VIP trips, sponsorship activations, equestrian to tech, diplomatic trips, expos, public festivals, galas, summits and regional lecture tours – I did them all and literally wrote the handbook in some cases.

In school I gravitated to science. Science is where you could ask questions, learn how things worked, learn a methodology for experiments, data analysis and drawing conclusions. This was where I learned about people who were curious, pushed boundaries and who explored new ideas.

I first did a degree in Science from Trinity College Dublin and later went on to study for my MSc in Environmental Archaeology from Queen’s University Belfast. This was where my critical thinking and strategy took a step up. I will be forever grateful to them for helping me expand my mind and abilities. 

I graduated with Distinction but things were about to change. I trusted my instinct that it was time to use this incredible training and take it in another direction.

Within a year I had received a Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management with Distinction from the Fitzwilliam Institute, Dublin. I was soon the European Event Manager for global agri-business company, Alltech, led by Dr. Pearse Lyons.

Eight years started with cataloguing all the company banner-ups and ended as a team leader for the title sponsorship activation of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy, France.

In between were 8 years of unrelenting event experiences across the globe. It challenged me, changed me, taught me hard lessons but most of all it proved that I could consistently deliver fantastic service and experiences. 

After a brief stint in an event management agency, CWT Meetings & Events, in Dublin, I started Freestyle Events in August 2015.

I could see the need for a flexible, freelance corporate event management service which adapted to the needs of the client but which also brought strong expertise and organisation into play. Event ideas are one thing, but without planning, organisation and creativity, they go nowhere and don’t’ get results.

My skillset and mindset, honed from years of in-house work and working with exceptional people along the way, adapts well to working closely with clients, like an extension of their teams.

In August 2015 I started Freestyle Events. Nearly 5 years later we have planned events for over 50,000 people.

Owner & Projects Director, Freestyle Events