A profitable and successful event requires 100% preparation, 100% execution and 100% follow-up.

By providing a service which collects, analyses and generates recommendations from all your event data and stakeholder feedback,
we support organisers with improving the performance of their event year on year.

In a competitive market, can you afford not to?

We are all familiar with feedback forms and surveys.
However, by the time an event is over, how much quality time and energy do we usually have to give to reviewing those forms,
other event data and drawing insights and conclusions from all of it? Year on year, do we review the questions?

If we are honest, it can be challenging to think of in advance, let alone follow through with or, often, is completely forgotten about.

That is where Freestyle Events evaluation and strategy service comes in. We:

              • Establish the core event strategy and associated goals and KPIs.
              • Identify and design methods to gather data before, during and after the event.
              • Attend the event and provide ‘mystery attendees’, if required.
              • Collect all raw data from all stakeholders and sources.
              • Review and analyse the data to generate insights and conclusions.
              • Develop a post-event report with key information, findings and recommendations.

This empowers you to:

              • Make an informed decision about what stays, goes, improves, changes or will be added to the next event.
              • Define your refined event strategy.
              • Start planning your next event in a confident way.

Why work with us?

With a degree and Masters in science, nearly 15 years experience in corporate and public events and a love of getting to the heart of what data can tell you, Gemma is ideally placed to help you make your event more strategic, more efficient and more successful. We work side by side with you to design and execute an evaluation plan which works for your event and your budget.

Objectivity, trust and confidentiality are essential in this process and we guarantee it 100%.