Most people want to avoid conflict and potentially stressful situations – this is human nature.

You may find it easier to avoid communicating something that you think is going to be controversial or bad, putting off the communication and letting the situation fester. It could be something small or something big. 

A manager may hold off telling an employee that their standard of work is unsatisfactory, or excellent!. You may put off having that ‘difficult’ conversation with your partner (or client), especially if it concerns some kind of wrongdoing, financial or emotional issues.  A child may put off telling their parents that they are struggling with classes at school.

That’s where this Freestyle Session comes in. Noel Davidson joins us from the Entrepreneurs Academy to help us decode communication and connection so that we can handle these situations with grace and maturity.  

A lot of people can think of times when they have put off having that ‘difficult’ conversation, some have done it for decades. Many will also recognise that putting off the difficult conversation alleviates short-term anxiety. However, constantly putting off difficult communication situations often leads to feelings of frustration, guilt, annoyance with oneself, anger, a reduction in self-confidence and, ultimately, more stress and anxiety. It’s not good, so time to take steps to do something about it. 

Join us for another great Freestyle Session, dedicated to quality training, authentic engagement and practical tips to use in your every day life. 



During this session you will learn to: 

  • Recognise when communication needs to be changed. 
  • Consider leadership as part of communication and being the one who needs to step forward. 
  • Recognise what makes you feel nervous or avoid difficult conversations. 
  • Prepare yourself to handle them and to embrace communication as a way forward. 
  • How to handle yourself when a difficult situation arises unexpectedly. 
This session is for anyone who has every found themselves saying ‘I wish I handled that better’, ‘I am not happy but I dont know how to communicate that’ or had to face a communication conundrum in life or work and would love some advice to be more effective in the moment. 


This will be an online, interactive session using Zoom Webinar. 

Once registered, you will receive a booking confirmation. A few days before the webinar, you will receive an email with a worksheet to think about for the workshop. 
24 hours before the webinar, you will receive your personalised link to join the training. 

The Freestyle Sessions are hosted by Gemma O’Halloran of Freestyle Events. Gemma founded the Freestyle Sessions with the aim to deliver useful, day-to-day skills training designed to Make Your Every Day Better. Due to Covid-19, this is more important than ever before. With 15 years in events and 5 years with her own business, all the topics featured in the Sessions have been proven to help with being more effective, better prepared and more successful in life and work. 

For each session, we will be joined by a guest speaker. Currently sessions take place every two weeks on a Tuesday, alternating between morning and evening. 

Each Session lasts approximately 1.5 hours. It will include interactive polling, presentation from our speaker and a full Q&A session too. Towards the end of the session we will review the key tips and insights and talk about how you can put them into action in your own life . You will have support in this as we will answer questions in a private Facebook group for 7 days after the webinar ends.