The first session in Series 2 will take place on Thursday 3 September from 10-11:15am (15 minutes extra in this session as it’s the first session). A Zoom link will be provided 24 hours before the Session. The full schedule is available under the SCHEDULE tab above. All the additional sessions (5 in total) will also be on Thursday from 10-11am. If there is a consensus from the final group and speaker(s) I am happy to review this time.

Do you have to attend all the Sessions live?
It would be great if you could attend the Sessions live as you will get more out of them, however we will make a recording available after each session and you can submit questions in advance if you have a particular concern or query about your brand. 

How often will the speaker sessions take place?
The first 5 speakers will be every 3 weeks and then the final session will be after 2 weeks (on December 10) so that it doesn’t get too close to Christmas. Full schedule is available on https://freestyle.ie/sessions/schedule/

How much interaction and Q&A will there be?
For each 1-hour seminar there will be 50% content and 50% Q&A/Discussion. Loads of time to discuss and ask your questions. We will also be helping you to focus and prioritise to take action when and where you need to. 

When do I have to book by to get the bonus sessions from Eva and Gemma?
Book by Monday at 12pm to get these bonus Sessions. You can pay by Stripe or by EFT once you go through the booking process. 

Is this cost tax deductable?
Yes, you can claim back the VAT if you are registered and you can claim back the cost of the training in your income tax return. This is a calculated investment in your business. 

The training will take place online using Zoom. A personalised link will be sent to you 24 hours in advance of the event.
You will have the ability to ask questions and get feedback during the session.

Facilitated by yours truly and with a guest speaker for each session, we will be tackling all things branding over the course of the 15-week programme. 

Suitable in particular for those who are self-employed as sole traders, micrenterprises or SMEs. 

What do you get out of it?
Work through 8 different aspects of your brand with our team of experts. Do the thinking, do the work and have support and insights every step of the way from your fellow attendees, from the trainers and from Gemma from Freestyle Consulting too. In the end, you will have a clear idea of who and what your brand is, what actions you need to take to leverage it and you will, ideally, have started to do this across your business. 

Be more confident
Be more recognisable
Attract new ideal clients
Be more visible online
Be more consistent
Inspire trust
Be uniquely you to create a stronger, more profitable business!

We will start with a welcome and interactive session and lead into our guest speaker’s talk and insights.
This will be followed by Q&A session.
We will finish up with key points and taking action exercise.
We welcome feedback on the format and will tweak and improve to get the most out of it for everyone. 

Tickets are available via our website, www.freestyle.ie/sessions .
The series is only currently available as a full programme and general rate starts at €897 + VAT. 
Contact me for any special offers that are currently available for SMEs. 

What’s included in the ticket?

  • Advance worksheet to prepare for the session.
  • Total 1-hour session including up to 30 minutes of Q&A from attendees.
  • Action points as part of the session.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to share ideas and information. 

Will I be expected to talk in the Session?
You can contribute as much or as little as you wish, but we would very much encourage you to engage with the learning and training. 
All attendees will be in webinar mode so you will not be able to see each other or hear each other. You will hear the host and presenter and see any slides or screen views that we share. For interaction, there will be a chat section and people can ‘raise their hand’ to address the group by speaking and/or video. This is completely your call and only if you feel comfortable. 

Can I connect to Zoom on my phone or do I need a laptop or computer?
Great question, yes you can connect to Zoom on your phone by downloading the Zoom app. 

Does it cost me anything to download Zoom? 
No it does not. The cost of setting up the webinar is managed by the organisers. 

I don’t know how to use Zoom, can I still join?
If you have a smart phone or computer then you can join in.
More information will be provided soon on Zoom. For more information about the platform in general, please visit www.zoom.us