Freestyle Sessions

Host & Bonus Recorded Session: Gemma O'Halloran, Freestyle Consulting

Gemma is the founder and projects director for Freestyle Consulting. She has been planning, designing, organising, executing and evaluating events for nearly 15 years and Freestyle has just celebrated 5 years in business. She has worked on events for 5 to 500,000 people on a national, European and international level with huge attention to detail and the end experience always in mind. Throughout this time she received a solid education in branding by working alongside brand designers, brand managers and on brand activation events. 

Gemma has merged all these years of experience with providing and facilitating virtual/online events for clients, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. She works with multiple clients in the private and public sector to provide virtual event facilitation, and also provides virtual event and engagement training.

Branding and events?

Without understanding a brand, without understanding what a client stands for or wants to achieve, it is very difficult to design a compelling, engaging and authentic event which connects with your audience. We will be discussing how your events can stand out from the crowd because of brand strategy and experience design. 

Session 1: Fiona Brennan, Inspire Action Success (September 3)

Inspire Action Success helps passionate & ambitious female entrepreneurs/business owners who want to go to the next level personally and professionally but who are stuck in fear, self-limiting beliefs & overwhelm and cannot move forward, to discover their limitless potential, become motivated and focused, get clarity and take action. 

She helps clients with mindset transformation, action planning and accountability.  

Combining her project management strengths with coaching to help them create a winning mindset and a flexible action plan to get them from where they are now to where they want to be.

About Fiona’s Session: 


Are you true to who you are? Do you know who you truly are?

Do you know what you stand for, believe in, are passionate about so that you can just show up as that?

When you are true to who you are, your people will find you.

If you have your own business, this is the most important element you can work on. Belief in yourself, in your own expertise, and showing up with it. You ARE your business.

Session 2: Deirdre Murray, People Resources (September 24)

As Director and Founder of People Resources, Deirdre works both nationally and internationally to assist leaders and teams achieve their highest potential through tailored Executive Coaching, Training Facilitation and Leadership Development.  

Deirdre has over 25 years’ experience in helping people be at their best and to progress their careers and businesses. Deirdre is a regular motivational speaker and writes articles for leading business magazines and websites. She has recently published her second book in the Management Briefs series entitled, “Communicate with Impact – Communicate and Influence Successfully”,

The ability to influence and persuade others to take action is a key skill for entrepreneurs, even more so in this current challenging environment. In order to enhance your brand, it is important to understand how we make decisions and what key factors really motivate us to take action.

As Dan Pink tells us, “Almost everything you do involves persuasion.”  Influence and persuasion is something we can all improve upon, utilising ‘softer skills’  like listening, ‘mirroring and matching,’ positive body language, asking open questions and simply, by being more human!

By understanding more about neuroscience and what actually drives our behaviour and how our brains work can help you consciously to develop your communication and influencing skills in building your brand to achieve more effective and successful results.

This session will help you develop a keen awareness of the impact of powerful branding and your authentic connection with customers and clients. We will explore the six key principles in which you can use to increase your ability to maximise your influencing and persuasion skills with your customers and stakeholders.

Session 3: Barbara Monahan, Cube Design

After studying Visual Communications in the College of Marketing and Design in Dublin, Barbara moved to London where she qualified in Advanced Book Design with the London College of Printing. During her London years, she worked for Bedford Square Press, a social-issues publishing house, before joining a large charitable organisation, NCVO.  

Her work for NCVO gave her a broad range of design experience from small leaflets and brochures to exhibition work, posters, annual reports and several monthly magazines. Her involvement with a rebranding exercise for NCVO reignited her interest in branding and visual identity. 

With three decades of graphic design and branding experience. Barbara’s core values of professionalism, of trust-based relationships, and delighting her clients with creative solutions, are always at the heart of everything she does.

What will Barbara have to say?

Over 87% of purchase decisions are made on appearance. By not taking this into account businesses lose potential new customers and possibly trust with existing clients. If a such a business invested in their brand they could gain greater trust.

Session 4: Caroline Kidd, Changing Lanes

Caroline Kidd is a commercial copywriter, journalist and media professional based in County Wexford, Ireland. She is the editor of Changing Lanes, the leading Irish online automotive magazine, which she founded in 2014. Caroline’s experience across editorial, online publishing and creative copywriting inspired Copywriting by Changing Lanes, a spin-off specialist copywriting service for customers in media and business requiring high quality, independently-produced content.

She is passionate about helping her clients to perform better online, explore new ways to engage customers through content, develop more high quality leads and achieve business goals.

What will Caroline’s session be about?

When building your brand, it’s crucial to have cohesive, consistent brand language to connect with customers and bring your brand to life. Caroline will take us through how to identify your authentic brand voice, develop consistent brand messaging, and communicate your brand story in words through the right channels and formats.

When you finish the session, you will have a better understanding of the value of a consistent brand voice and how to figure out the words and tone to convey your brand more clearly to your ideal customers.


Session 5: Máirín Ní Bheacháin, MoStyle & MoTalks

Máirín is the creator of, delivering a highly personalised wardrobe analysis and personal shopping for men and women. Recent events in her life have led her to offering inspirational talks with a focus on resilience and new beginnings,

She worked happily as a teacher for 16 years until she was diagnosed with Moyamoya in March 2016.  The only treatment is brain surgery which she underwent but while on the operating table she suffered a stroke. When she woke up, she could not speak, read or write. So began her journey of 2.5 years of learning to read and write again.


After her recovery from Moyamoya, she applied to Dress for Success which kickstarted her career in styling. She instantly loved it and knew she finally found her calling and started her own personal styling business.



What does styling have to do with branding?

Everything you wear is an outward expression of who you are. It’s a philosophy I’ve put in to practice for brilliant Irish women and men of all ages. As a personal stylist I believe there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to open your wardrobe everyday with the confidence of knowing you’re going to nail it.

In our Freestyle Session, we will look at how you can tap into your personal style, and through sharing of my own story, show resilience and fortitude when times get tough.

Session 6: Emily Smith, Melo Marketing

Emily Smith Freestyle Sessions

Emily is an award-winning marketing and PR consultant with over 20 years’ experience,  She has worked in-house, with a number of really exciting blue chip companies in Ireland and the UK.   Each role was brilliantly challenging, fun and pushed her professionally. 

She has worked with wonderful people who allowed her to be creative and with whom she had the opportunity to push the boundaries in each of their sectors.  Each sector was vastly different to the one before, which gave her the skills to learn and adapt and ensured that she was always flexible in her thought and approach. 

She loves developing marketing and PR strategies and has a strong track record in implementing and delivering successful brand, content, digital and social campaigns and as a freelance marketing and PR consultant.

What is the difference between Branding, Marketing and Public Relations? How do all of these elements work together and more importantly why do you NEED all three?

The best brands align their brand and their marketing. This combination of their story, visual identity, mission, vision, values, and messaging creates unified, consistent, successful campaigns.

Consistency in your communication strategy is the difference between building lasting relationships with your clients and customers or relinquishing their business to your competitors who are telling a more compelling story. Knowing this will help you stand a head and shoulders above the rest.

Bonus Recorded Session: Eva Blake, Brand Photographer

Eva is a Personal Brand Photographer and experienced marketing professional. She works with business owners to help their brands stand out with striking and authentic personal brand imagery to show the person, passion and story behind the business. 

She helps to create the vision for the imagery as well as executing this vision in fun, creative, and intentional sessions. Lifestyle Portrait Photography has always been her passion and combining marketing and photography skill sets have been a match made in heaven.

Why is brand imagery so important?

During her session, Eva will be sharing with us how imagery and brand photography in particular can have a huge impact on your business, its perception and your confidence. 

Great brand imagery needs thought, care and attention and is based on your values, your mission, your target audience and clients, as well as your own personality and style. It can truly transform your brand!

Eva focuses on creating a series of natural portraits that share your unique personality, energy and the passion you bring to your business in a setting  that makes sense for your brand.