Freestyle Sessions_Aoife Lenox

“Introversion and extroversion go to the heart of who a person is: how they work, how they live, and how they interact.” – Susan Cain

Aoife Lenox is a Coach and Facilitator with over twenty years work experience primarily in the service industry. As an entrepreneur, business owner, leader and manager she experienced first hand the challenges that many introverts in business encounter.

Inspired by her own experience she formed Inside Strategies in 2019 to support other introverts achieve their personal career goals. She does this through individual coaching, online training and in company workshops.

She covers topics such as quiet leadership, strategic communication, employee experience, positive mentoring, personality and well-being and re-thinking work. 

The future of work contains many opportunities for quieter approaches to work which can benefit all personalities as we work towards creating happier and more fulfilling work environments.